It doesn’t have to be a blog about nothing…

Most of you will immediately recognize how the title of this blog post relates to a certain very popular show about nothing that dominated the TV airwaves back in the 1990’s.  In the end, the show Seinfeld really was about something more than people getting up in the morning, brushing their teeth, and heading to the office – but just barely!

I write all of the time in my daily work, but this is my first real blog post and I want to understand the inspiration behind where you get your writing ideas. Were you in the shower letting your mind wander and some fascinating subject seeped into your head? Or did something happen on the way to the office that everybody needs to know about. I also want to offer my own insight into where my inspiration comes from and share situations that evoked thought I deemed significant enough to commit to the written word in the hopes that it might help someone else.

Everyone has thousands of interesting stories, of course, of situations that have occurred during their lifetime. So one of the better places to start for writing and blogging ideas is your past. What is the most coincidental event that ever happened to you (I’ll share mine in my next blog post)? What is the funniest situation you’ve ever experienced? Are you related to anybody who’s accomplished something interesting?

I recently sat down with a friend who reads palms. I’d never had my palm(s) studied before and honestly was a little reluctant to let him do it. Did I really want to know if my future involved dying in a fiery car crash or battling a life-threatening disease? It would be good to know, though, if it would make sense for me to play the lottery. So we went ahead with it.

Frankly, the palms of my hands aren’t that interesting, but he studied my palm very intently and had lots of information to share about where the various lines would lead (no fiery car crash, thankfully!). The one statement he made that really stood out for me was, “You need write. You’re a writer. You’ve been thinking about writing; now go do it. Don’t think about it. Just start writing.”

And so here we are. My first blog. Just about done. Writing in order to meet my obligations to the palm reader. How’d I do? Should I be writing? Allow me to create a few more blog posts and then we’ll let you be the judge whether a “blog about nothing” really is about something after all.


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I'm a rugged technology enthusiast, capable of churning out 140 special characters in a flash, resilient against those who would over-police my good grammar, and durable as the phone case covering the smartphone generating my blog posts. Climb a mountain? I'll get to that tomorrow...

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