Coinciden Adventure

In a recent blog, I promised to share the most coincidental event that ever happened to me in a future blog. This is that blog…

I was a poor, starving college student looking for part-time work to keep busy and also pay some bills. So I looked in the local college newspaper and answered an ad for a “disc-jockey” to play music (tapes and CD’s!) at various type of functions, including parties, receptions, weddings, and so forth. The man who ran the business hired college students to take his industrial-strength music equipment and use it at these events.

I had already provided music at quite a few events in various locations around the Seattle area when I got the job from the owner of Music-n-More to provide music services at a wedding reception at a common location for weddings called the Shumway Mansion. I got especially excited about this job when I saw that the groom’s last name for the wedding and reception was “Epperson”, and I’d grown up with a nice family named Epperson in the neighborhood where I’d grown up (South Seattle).

I’d never heard this last name outside of this family, so I knew the two Epperson families had to be related. Furthermore, I hadn’t seen any of the Epperson kids (there were at least three that I knew) since high school, maybe 3 years prior.

So I picked up the music equipment at the owner’s house, drove to the Shumway Mansion, and started setting up the music equipment for the reception. I had to retrieve some additional equipment from my car in the parking lot and as I was heading back in to the mansion, sure enough, I recognized my old friend Manny Epperson, who was getting out of a van.

I said (in so many words), “Hey Manny, I thought I’d see you here since you’re obviously related to the groom. How do you know him?”

Manny gave me a strange look and said, “I don’t know anything about anybody getting married here. I’m just delivering the cake.”

I told him how the groom had the same last name as he did, which of course we both thought was amusing and had a good laugh.

I haven’t had an encounter with anybody named Epperson before or since that one, so it was definitely a bit of a freak occurrence.

And, by the way, did you “get” the play on words the headline represents? Many will recall the movie “Poseidon Adventure”. The story above was my “Coinciden(ce) Adventure”.


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